Enlish and French Language School

borderless languages school
borderless languages school

Our interpreters, who are well versed in the path to bilingualism, will generously teach you live English and French according to your individual level.


In order to improve your language skills efficiently, we use "English only for English study and French only for French study" as a general rule.If you wish to improve both English and French at the same time, it is possible to mix both languages in one lesson.

Lesson Fees

Lesson Fees for Private Lessons (ex tax).


Price (60mins/lesson)

French Lessons

3850 JPY

English Lessons

3850 JPY


5600 JPY


5600 JPY


  1. There are no restrictions on the period of the contract. Please order any period and number of lessons whenever you like.
  2. Please note that cancellation within 48 hours of the lesson will result in the consumption of one lesson.
  3. For every 1 person you refer, the person you refer will receive a 10% discount on the next 10-hour ticket.
  4. This service is available online, at our school or at cafes.

Refund Policy

You can freely choose the length of your contract and the number of lessons per month. If you decide that the contract is not right for you, you can cancel it immediately.


In that case, the remaining tuition will be fully refunded. Tuition fees for lessons missed in the past are not refundable.

What kind of students do We have?

From French elementary school students living in Hawaii to businessmen living in Singapore, our lessons are tailored to meet individual needs.


An elementary school student in Hawaii is learning basic French grammar, while a businessman in Singapore is learning business French useful for business negotiations.


A French student took a short-term intensive course for the TOEIC test and was able to clear his goal of 700 points.

Group Lesson In Kakogawa

Chloe sensei
Chloe sensei

If online courses are not enough for you, or if you want to learn with other students, please visit Kakogawa Classroom. Our native-speaking teachers are waiting for you.


By learning with native speakers from an early age,  you can develop a sensitivity that they cannot learn at ordinary local schools.


Globalization is rapidly progressing even here in Kakogawa City. Even small restaurants and clinics are seeing more and more foreign workers, and if the waterfront measures for Covid are eased, there will be even more opportunities to come in contact with foreigners.


In 5 to 10 years, Japan may be in the same situation as Europe, where English is essential to find a job.


Why don't you start learning English or French with us right now?


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No Homework

We do not assign homework. Instead, we give a full 60-minute lesson.


We also distribute our original learning materials for each lesson (which we attach to your child's notebook after lessons) so that each student can review the material on his or her own.


There is no need for parents to do any work at home.

How it works

  1. Please contact us via email or Line below.
    sousin3.27[a] ares.eonet.ne.jp
  2. We will hear your needs and decide courses.
  3. You will recieve a quotation and T&C.
  4. Lessons will begin after singing up.