We contribute to the development of society through human resource development, technological refinement, and new challenges.

The reason why we value and nurture people so highly is because we believe that the great potential that resides in one person can change not only a family or a company, but also a region, a country, and even the world.

With a sincere desire to be of service to the people in front of us and the belief that we can contribute to a better future for the world, we strive to improve our skills and create value that exceeds the expectations of our customers.

Action Credo

1. Regardless of the size of the customer, we respect them equally as a person and respond sincerely.


2. We show our sincerity through the speed and accuracy of our work.


3. We keep doing our best at each moment to realize the ideal future we want. 


4. We create a work environment that suits the times so that each employee can lead a fulfilling life.


5. We maintain good relationships with our valued partner companies and grow together.


6. We will improve the quality of our existing businesses and actively challenge new fields of business.


These are our codes of conduct for customers, employees, and business.

Three spirits of founding

- Be a person who never forgets gratitude.


- Be a craftsman who delivers results beyond expectations.


- Be a corporation that continues to be needed by the world.


These are the policies that the founder, Shinji KIRIOKA, pledged to be as a person, a craftsman, and a corporation when he launched Kirioka Industries.